ROMULUS HUNT (Angel Records)

Romulus_HuntA Family Opera by Carly Simon, Arranged and Orchestrated by Greg Pliska and Teese Gohl
Commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera/Kennedy Center “New Opera for New Ears” program, this pop-rock/classical hybrid holds a distinctive place in Carly Simon’s catalog; the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame calls it her “most far-reaching” accomplishment. Simon’s beautiful melodies float upon a score that combines rock and ethnic instrumentation with lush orchestrations by Teese Gohl and Greg Pliska. “A Boy of Twelve,” one of Greg’s major contributions to the piece, builds an intricate fugal counterpoint out of one of Simon’s tunes, and uses the synthesis of styles to convey the whirlwind of influences on the title character’s young life. The “making of” video (viewable here) opens with “It’s Such a Glorious Day”, one of Greg’s vocal arrangements.
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