THE WILDEST DREAM: Conquest of Everest (National Geographic Films)

wildestScore by Joel Douek; Orchestration by Greg Pliska
Called “spectacular” (Empire), “awe-inspiring” (Variety), and “captivating” (Hollywood Reporter), this theatrical-release feature documentary (including IMAX screens) garnered Douek a Best Feature Documentary Score nomination from the International Film Music Critics Association. Telling the story of mountaineer George Mallory’s failed 1924 attempt to reach the as-yet-unconquered summit of Mount Everest, the film weaves contemporary footage of climber Conrad Anker’s recreation of Mallory’s ascent with vintage footage and readings from Mallory and his wife Ruth’s correspondence. Liam Neeson narrates, with featured voices Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, Hugh Dancy and Alan Rickman.
“I am highly recommending Douek’s pensively exciting and beautifully daunting score to the powerhouse documentary film THE WILDEST DREAM, which is easily, thus far, one of the best soundtrack albums this year. The score expertly churns with excitement, hope and tragedy and is rarely repetitive in the use of it’s themes or musical idioms and thus always stays fresh and new as the listener ascends through each track. Fans of orchestral scores will not want to pass this one up.” – Illustrating the Score
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