Music by Greg Pliska and Joel Douek In this two-hour special, NOVA examines how a simple instrument, the telescope, has fundamentally changed our understanding of our place in the universe. What began as a curiosity—two spectacle lenses held a foot apart—ultimately revolutionized human thought across science, philosophy, and religion. HUNTING THE EDGE OF SPACE takes viewers on a global adventure...

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ELLESSE Spring 2011

Music by Greg Pliska and Benedict Green The Ellesse sportswear 2011-12 campaign features original artwork by the legendary Robert McGinnis, creator of iconic James Bond posters. Recorded in New York and London, the score pays homage to great Italian 70s bossa nova recordings while matching the mod exuberance of McGinnis’s stylish images. LISTEN:...

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LIFE (BBC/Discovery)

Score by Richard Fiocca and Fred Karns, Additional Music and Orchestration by Greg Pliska Filmed by David Attenborough’s legendary nature documentary team, and narrated in the US by Oprah Winfrey, BBC/Discovery’s Emmy-winning series LIFE is the sequel to Planet Earth, the most successful TV documentary of all time. More than four years in the making, with over 3,000 days of filming in the field,...

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GALAPAGOS 3D premiers in the UK

From the producers (and musical team) behind the BAFTA-winning Flying Monsters 3D, Galapagos 3D (score by Joel Douek, Elik Alvarez, Freddy Sheinfeld, orchestrated by Greg Pliska) explores the unique and stunning island...

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